Adventure Playground


Thank you to everyone who has visited us during 2020, we hope you and your family enjoyed your time at Cream o’ Galloway. Like many local businesses the impact of Covid-19 has been deeply challenging for us and our team. 

The need to physically distance has meant the closure of some of our most loved activities, like Go Boing and the indoor play areas. It has also meant we have had to drastically reduce the number of people who can visit our playground. 

Our Adventure Playground was designed to bring people together, not to keep people apart. Despite our best efforts to make it work, and despite government funding for which we are immensely grateful, we do not believe our Adventure Playground is viable while physical distancing requirements remain. 

Therefore, while none of us can know what will happen in the months ahead, we do not expect to re-open the Adventure Playground at Cream o’ Galloway. We know this will be disappointing to many people, and we are sorry. 

Our priority at this time is to protect the business as a whole, in order to protect the jobs the business sustains. 

Much of what we currently offer at Cream o’ Galloway will remain. We will still be making and supplying ice cream. You will still be able to visit our ice cream scooping counter or enjoy a sundae. You will still be able to explore our nature trails, take your dog for a walk, play a round of crazy golf and enjoy a cuppa. With the playground closed there will be no entry fee, and so no season passes.

We will be expanding the food tourism experiences we offer. So next year there will be more Ice Cream Making Workshops, more Cheese Making Workshops and some new Farm Tours. 

We will introduce our sister business, The Ethical Dairy, more fully into Cream o’ Galloway Visitor Centre. The Ethical Dairy and our approach to cow with calf dairying is important to everything we do, so it’s time we made that more visible and more accessible to our visitors. 

While some things will change, much will stay the same. We hope you and your family will continue to visit and to enjoy your trips to Cream o’ Galloway in the years ahead, and we thank you once again for your support