Ice Cream

Cream o’ Galloway ice cream is packed with high quality, straightforward flavours to create deliciously good luxury ice cream from real, simple ingredients. 

Our Rum & Raisin ice cream is flavoured with actual rum-soaked raisins, our Banoffee with real banana and butterscotch chunks, our Salted Caramel with caramel and salt, our Double Chocolate ice cream flavoured with cocoa – you get the gist! Oh, and we avoid gums, artificial flavourings and colourings too. 

We combine these clean, whole flavours with our own pasteurised organic milk, from our cow with calf dairy, and whip in a minimum of air to create a rich, luxurious ice cream that’s bursting with flavour. 

All of our flavours are suitable for vegetarians.

Spend a day at our visitor centre to sample some of our flavours. Book in advance for our 'Ice Cream Tasting Experience' to try 10 of our fabulous flavours! You'll find more info on our 'daily events' page.

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