crazy golf

Crazy Golf & Crazy Croquet

Our Crazy Golf and Crazy Croquet courses are all about having relaxed fun as a family.

The 9 hole Crazy Golf course will take you down and back up a slight slope where you’ll putt a golf ball over, under and around a range of farm-themed obstacles into the hole.

The new Crazy Croquet course is flat but the obstacles require you to hit the ball quite hard to get through them. Using a mallet you'll knock the ball around a range of Dumfries & Galloway themed obstacles, and then through a hoop to score. 

Designed and built by our farm team, these activities are full of fun rather than technical challenge. Popping in for an ice cream, or winding down after a busy day exploring? Then these are a light-hearted activities that the whole family can enjoy together.

A round of either Crazy Golf OR Crazy Croquet costs £4 per person, or £12 for a group of four people.

Or you could play both courses, for £6 per person, or £20 for a group of four people.

These activities are open each day the visitor centre is open. There's no need to pre-book, get your ticket once you are here.

We work with nature, not against it, on our farm. This means the verges and boundaries to areas like Crazy Golf are left ‘wild’ to maximise biodiversity. At different times of year you’ll see different flora and fauna in areas like this, which are enjoyed by the bees, butterflies and other insects who live on our farm.