Pond dipping at Cream o' Galloway

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Pond Dipping

This event lasts around 30 minutes

What creatures lurk beneath the water of Cream o’ Galloway’s wildlife ponds?  Armed with pond nets, trays and picture charts we’ll go on an underwater adventure to find out!  

You’ll swish your net in the pond and decant it into your tray, creating your very own mini pond where you can watch the water creatures.  Our wildlife experts will be on hand to help you identify the creatures in your mini pond.  

Common finds are water boatmen, water scorpions, pond skaters, dragonfly and damselfly larvae and pond snails, and if you’re lucky you might catch a smooth newt or a frog in your net!

This event is priced per group of up to 3 children working together.

Pond Dipping is designed for children aged 5 years or older. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Your event includes
  • Guided pond dipping  
  • Equipment provided
  • Q&A
Essential information

This is an outdoor event, so wellies and warm clothes are recommended.
Meet at meeting point A in the picnic area.


£12 per group of up to 3 children working together.  Children must be accompanied by an adult.