Ethical Dairy farm tour

The Ethical Dairy Farm Tour

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This event typically lasts 2 hours.

This farm tour is led personally by our farmer David Finlay who has pioneered cow-with-calf dairy farming on our farm, harnessing natural systems and using agroecological principles. This event is in-depth and is designed primarily for adults with an interest in the environment, animal welfare, climate, ecology and / or food policy.

You will go on a walking tour of our farm and you’ll have the opportunity to meet the cows and their calves. You will hear an explanation of our farming system and how our approach differs from conventional dairy farming. David will explain what soil carbon sequestration is, and will share how recent recovery of 25 years of soil data shows that our farm is carbon negative. He will also talk about the ecology of our farm, and the increase we've seen in biodiversity.

David will explain what regenerative farming means, and will discuss the environmental impacts of different farming approaches, in particular the positive environmental role that grass-fed livestock play in regenerative farming systems. The discussion topics will be informed by the interests of attendees and you will be free to ask questions throughout this event.

While this event is designed to take 2 hours, if there are lots of questions it can - and often does - run on longer. We find that people participating in this event tend to have specific areas of interest and often ask very thought provoking questions that lead to fascinating group discussions. David is keen that this event is participatory and responsive to the interests of participants. 

Please remember that minimising stress to the animals on our farm is a priority, therefore anyone being disruptive or causing stress to the animals on the farm will be asked to leave immediately.


Unlike almost every other dairy farm in the world, we have stopped taking calves away from their mothers shortly after birth.  We now leave the calves - including the male calves - with their mum to suckle naturally.  It means we get less milk, but also less stress. Less stress means a better life for the cows, their calves and for the people who work with them, and our system has a host of environmental benefits too.

We are the largest farm in the UK using this ‘cow-with-calf’ system and, after a three year trial, we committed to this system permanently in 2019.  We are also keen to share our experience and our learning with members of the public, policy makers and other farmers.  

The milk from our cow-with-calf organic dairy farm is used in Cream o' Galloway ice cream, and it's used to make our cheese, which is sold under The Ethical Dairy brand.

Group Visits

This event is very well suited to organised group visits for educational or special interest reasons. If you would like to arrange an exclusive group visit, please contact us to make arrangements.

Your event includes
  • Farmer-led farm tour
  • Opportunity to meet the cows and calves
  • Q&A
Essential information

This event has been designed primarily for adults, although teens with an interest in farming and food production may find it of interest.

This event includes some walking on rough farm roads and climbing some internal stairs. If you have accessibility requirements please contact us before booking to discuss.

Please Note: All bookings must be made at least one day before the event takes place. Farm Tours require a minimum of 4 bookings to run. If the date you select does not reach 4 bookings we will contact you by phone to reschedule or make other arrangements.


£25 per person

Special Offer November to March - half price


Suitable for people aged 14 years and over.