Weekend & UK School Holiday Activities

In light of the ongoing Covid-19 situation we have reviewed our procedures and activities and made some changes.  

The visitor centre and playground will be CLOSED until further notice.

The nature trails will be OPEN.

In addition to all our standard Activities, each weekend and during UK school holidays all our staffed attractions are open for you to enjoy!   That means as well as Go Boing!, you can hit the thrilling Pedal Kart track, hurtle down the Drop Slide or soar through the air on the Flying Fox.

The 'Full o' Fun' ticket allows unlimited use of all of these rides, suitable for everyone aged 6+, adults too!

During UK school holidays and each weekend, a 'Full o' Fun' tickets costs £13.50 per person. If there are at least 4 of you aged 6+ and including at least one adult, you're entitled to a discount making the tickets £11.50 per person.

On special event days you can go on a fascinating Tractor Trek around the farm.


Drop Slide

You’ll be tentatively sitting at the top of the slide... waiting... waiting...plucking up courage before hurtling down this vertical Drop Slide. You’ll feel the wind rushing past as you plummet downwards.

Having started upright you slide downwards and forwards, coming to a rest in a safe horizontal position. The sensory experience of the Drop Slide makes the 5 second plunge feel much, much longer. Go on, we dare you to try!

Unlimited use of the Drop Slide is included within the Full o' Fun ticket.

Flying Fox

Woooosh! The Flying Fox is certainly the most exciting way to get across to the Adventure Playground!

A firm favourite at Cream o’ Galloway for years, you’ll sit on a bar with the safetyharness around you, holding tight before setting off on your flight, travelling 30 metres in less than 10 seconds, downwards and forwards, faster and faster towards the landing area at the edge of the woods.

In fact the heavier you are the faster you’ll go so grown-ups, time to show the kids how it’s done!

Unlimited use of the Flying Fox is included within the Full o' Fun ticket.

Pedal Karts

Sitting back, low to the ground, pedalling fast, through the tunnel, up a slope, pedalling hard, too hard perhaps, hairpin bend – arrgghh!!!

Our pedal karts and adventure track is hugely popular with visitors of all ages, and the challenge of the multi-storey track makes for an exhilirating experience. The speed of the karts when you’re sitting in them will probably take you by surprise which is why we insist on a full safety briefing before you start your ride. We’ll show you where the brake is and how it works and we'll make sure the kart is set up perfectly for you.

The karts are a staffed activity, which means they are only open during weekends and UK school holidays. Each ride is limited to 15 minutes after which you are free to book another time slot. Fifteen minutes might not sound long but after that length of time you really do need a breather!

The pedal karts are suitable for people aged from 6 years upwards, depending on the length and the power of your legs! Children should be able to reach the pedals and have enough strength to get up the slopes. If children are too small it may be possible for an accompanying adult to take them as a passenger on one of the tandem karts.

Unlimited use of the Pedal Karts is included within the Full o' Fun ticket.