ice cream scooping in parlour

Ice Cream Parlour

It’s all about the ice cream in our Ice Cream Parlour! Here you’ll find our scooping counter, packed with more than 15 flavours to choose from. Choose a scoop, or two…. or three then decide whether you’d prefer it in a tub or a cone. Gluten free cones are available on request.  

Cream o’ Galloway ice cream is luxuriously rich with very little air whipped into it compared to other ice creams.  That makes it slower to melt, denser in texture and gives it a satisfying, rounded creamy flavour – it also means our scooping team need to be pretty strong to scoop all day long!

Our ice cream range can vary during the year, but you’ll usually have a choice of around 20 Cream o’ Galloway ice creams and 2 dairy-free sorbets.  At certain times of year we might also have some experimental flavours direct from our ice cream factory next door!

Or, if you fancy creating your very own flavours, book in for one of our Ice Cream Making Workshops, where up to three people can work together at an ice cream making station to make your very own ice cream!

Create your perfect multi-scoop dream ice cream by choosing your favourites from our scooping counter, or you treat yourself to one of our sumptuous sundaes instead!