About our ice cream

The Finlay family have farmed at Rainton since the 1920s. Originally they made farmhouse cheese with themilk but in the 60s and 70s mass manufacture made that unprofitable and they reverted mainly to producing milk. Rainton became organic in 1993 and a year later we decided to try something completely different with our milk, using it to create delicious produce to make the most of its rich, creamy flavour.

Cream o’ Galloway ice cream was launched at the Royal Highland Show in 1994. Over the past twenty years we’ve massively expanded our range of flavours, we’ve sold it throughout the UK, and indeed overseas, and we’ve won numerous awards.

However, at the heart of our ice cream, always, is a natural approach to creating food made with normal, real ingredients – no chemical nasties, gums or artificial flavours.

Our customers delight in the enjoyment of simple, real, delicious dairy ice cream made from Finlay's Farm organic milk, and we delight in making it.

Recently our passion for a more natural, a more sustainable, way of doing things has led us to a radical change in the way we farm. Finlay's Farm invested in cutting edge renewable energy systems and thanks to their ground breaking new dairy Finlay's Farm cows are some of the happiest cows in the UK. Find out more about our commitment to cow contentment by reading about Finlay’s Farm, home of The Ethical Dairy