Join Our Revolution

Are you interested in helping us prove that commercial dairy farming can be ethical, sustainable and compassionate? We plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign to enable members of the public to support our dairy farming system.

By doing so you'll be directly supporting our transition to a new way of dairy farming that, when compared to an average dairy:

  • Cuts green-house gas emissions by more than half
  • Reduces energy use by more than half
  • Cuts the use of antibiotics by 90%
  • Cuts the use of agro-chemicals by 90%
  • Doubles the productive life of cows
  • Increases the farm biodiversity ten-fold
  • Increases the net amount of food in our food system by 80%
  • Takes much of the drudgery out of the stock-man’s routine
  • Exceeds the highest standards of animal welfare

And yet is no more expensive than industrially produced food!
Wouldn’t you want to be a part of that revolution? 

To receive information on this new initiative, and for the latest news and information on Finlay's Farms radical new approach to farming, please visit The Ethical Dairy website.