Now and again we like to tell you about a subject in a bit more detail, to talk about what's happening on the farm at a particular time or to discuss a topical issue.  Think of this blog as our thinking out loud / news / issues area of our website!  We don't post here often, but when we do we promise it will be interesting.

Posted: 10th May 2013

Our motivation to act is driven by the profound belief that only through a fundamental change in the way we farm are we going to make any meaningful impact on the growing issues facing us:

  • Environmental degradation – climate change, biodiversity loss, diffuse pollution
  • ...
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Posted: 20th Apr 2013

The southwest of Scotland is generally accepted to have a ‘maritime’ climate, with cool summers and mild winters - warmer and wetter than the east is a common description. Not this March.

Our lambing season started on the 3rd of March, and the ewes were in their usual lambing field - the Wild Hill. As the name suggests it’s a rugged sort of field,...

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Posted: 10th Apr 2013

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it!

The Rainton dairy project has hit its first major hurdle. The calves from the autumn calvers have demonstrated that although 10 to 15 litres of milk a day is more than enough for them - and up to 10 litres a day more than they would get in some conventional rearing systems - they will drink as much as the...

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