Finlay's Farm - home of The Ethical Dairy

If you have visited Cream o' Galloway recently, you will have seen that all the construction work that has been going on for the past 3 years is now complete.  The building project in itself has been an epic achievement for us, as David and the farm staff did so much of it themselves.

So what's it all been about?

We are now the proud operators of a whole new modern dairy unit including milking parlour, silage pit, slurry tower and anaerobic digester. By putting the slurry through the anaerobic digester we will not only improve its value as a fertilizer but also reduce its toxicity to invertebrates. And it will produce lots of electricity and hot water too!

The new cubicle shed can house up to 140 cows with calves, YES CALVES.  Over the next 3-5 years we will be introducing a system intended to tackle the challenges of animal welfare, climate change, and energy efficiency by producing as much food as possible from mainly grass.  We will be experimenting with different methods of producing milk and beef in a way that is welfare friendly, resource efficient and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.  We know there will be trial and error.  So come and join one of our farm tours to see and hear about our new system and its highs and lows.