Milking dairy gallery

Morning Milking

Held from 8am on Wednesdays in August.

This event lasts approximately 2 hours.

Unlike most dairy farms we generally only milk once a day.  This guided event is timed to coincide with that milking, giving you a fascinating insight into the day to day work of our farm.  Your guide will explain what is happening at each stage, point out areas of interest within the milking parlour and answer any questions you might have.  

Our dairy shed and milking parlour is overlooked by a viewing gallery which gives visitors an opportunity to see what’s happening without interrupting the work of the dairy and without causing stress to the cows and calves.    

The morning routine varies slightly with the season.  You will be able to see the cows as they head in for milking, you’ll see their winter housing and learn how we manage the herd.  At some events earlier in the year you will also see the calves, during the summer the calves are likely to remain in the fields.

You will see the milk being collected from the milking parlour to be delivered to the cheese and ice cream dairies. You’ll have the opportunity to look in the window of the cheese making area to see the equipment we use and to watch the cheese making process begin.

We will return to Cream o’ Galloway Visitor Centre for light refreshments.  

Your event includes
  • Walking down to the dairy from the Visitor Centre picnic area with a guide 
  • Watching morning milking from the viewing gallery 
  • Explanation of the milking process and opportunity to ask questions 
  • Explanation of how the milk is used to make cheese 
  • Watching the cows leave the parlour 
  • Return to Visitor Centre picnic benches for tea and coffee (takeaway)
Essential information

This event includes some walking on rough farm roads and climbing some internal stairs. If you have accessibility requirements please contact us before booking to discuss.

Please Note: All bookings must be made by 5pm two days before.  The Morning Milking Experience requires a minimum of 6 participants to run. If the date you select does not reach 6 bookings we will contact you by phone to reschedule or make other arrangements.




Suitable for adults and older children only.
Face coverings must be worn in the viewing gallery.

Morning Milking 12 August 2020
8:00am - 10:00am
places available:


Morning Milking 19 August 2020
8:00am - 10:00am
places available:


Morning Milking 26 August 2020
8:00am - 10:00am
places available: