Cheese from The Ethical Dairy


A selection of cheese from The Ethical Dairy is available to buy at Cream o' Galloway visitor centre. You'll find cheese in the fridges near the till in our cafe. The Ethical Dairy cheese also features prominently in our cafe menu. 

Traditional cheese making is an important part of the history of Rainton Farm, and farmhouse cheese was made here until the 1970s. Cheese making was reintroduced to the farm about ten years ago.

The Ethical Dairy make a number of different cheeses to suit different purposes and palates. Some of the most popular cheeses are the alpine style Rainton Tomme, named after the farm, a gentle blue called Fleet Valley Blue, a young hard cheese called Laganory, named after a field on the farm, and full-flavoured Carrick, named after a local sandy bay.

Most of the cheeses are made using unpasturised milk, with the exception of two blue cheeses, Barlocco and Bluebell, that are made with pasturised milk.

You can also buy The Ethical Dairy cheese online for delivery direct to your home.