top of the drop slide

Drop Slide

Are you brave enough to have a go on our near vertical drop slide? This is a firm favourite at Cream o’ Galloway and it’s exhilarating fun for adventurous children and adults.  

Your first go will take a bit of courage, so take it easy, breathe deeply and listen carefully to the advice and instructions from our member of staff.  Before you know it you’ll be sitting at the top of the slide... waiting... waiting...plucking up courage before hurtling down at speed, with the wind rushing past you as you drop.  

Having started off in an upright position you slide downwards and forwards, coming to a rest in a safe horizontal position.

It only takes five seconds to drop but these will possibly be the most exciting few seconds of your holiday, so enjoy every moment!  Go on, we dare you to try!

Please note: this activity may be closed in wet weather.

Unlimited use of the Drop Slide is included in the Adventurer Pass.