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Our Farm

Rainton Farm has been an organic farm for more than 20 years, and in recent years our farm team have been pioneering a high-welfare, ecological approach to dairy farming that keeps the calves with their mums to suckle naturally.

In traditional dairy farms calves are removed from their mothers within a few hours of their birth and the stress this places on the cow is clear. So we wanted to find a way to keep calves with the cows and still have a financially viable farm. Put simply, we don’t want to have to choose between doing what’s right and staying in business.

After a three year pilot we have now committed to cow-with-calf farming permanently, making us the largest cow-with-calf dairy farm in Europe.  Our ethical dairy model is based around treating the animals, the land, our environment and the people who work here with respect and kindness. You can find out more about the story behind our farming system at our sister company, The Ethical Dairy.   

The Ethical Dairy range is a fully organic range of cheeses and ice creams, and these are available for purchase in our visitor centre and at selected retailers across the UK.