Special Events

Cheese Tasting Event

Ever wondered how so many different cheeses can be made from cows’ milk? Hear about our cheese making processes here at Cream o’ Galloway and taste the different cheeses we make.

This event will take place from 11am to 11.45am each Monday, Wednesday and Friday during UK school holidays. Pre-booking essential.

£5.50 for adults, £4.50 for children.

Pre-book places online for a 10% discount on event cost.

Food for Thought

Our deliciously grown up Food for Thought lunches give you a fascinating insight into a wide range of topics, whilst enjoying a tasty lunch with like minded folk.

Each Food for Thought event begins with coffee and scones at 10.30am, then the speaker, demo, walk or activity usually begins around 11am and is followed by a delicious 2 course lunch.

The cost is £13.50 per person including refreshments and a 2 course lunch. Places are limited and booking is essential. Please phone 01557 815 222

2017 is Scotland's Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology.

28th April:  Julia Muir-Watt from The Whithorn Trust. 
Whithorn Roundhouse : Iron Age Grand Design, hear about the archaeology of the roundhouse and its construction using the wattling technique.

26th May: Julie McGlashan, retired pharmacist with a long term interest in complimentary medicines.
Honey - Myth, Magic or Marvel?

23rd June: David Finlay, 3rd generation farmer at Rainton, home of Cream o' Galloway.
Rainton Dairy: could our experiment be the future for small scale dairy farming? Hear from David about the struggles and successes of implementing suckling in our dairy herd.

22nd September: Wilma Finlay
Finlay's Farmhouse Cheese: the challenges of artisan cheese making.
Now in our 4th year of making cheese, hear about the challenges, our progress so far and our plans for the future.

13th October: Peter Russell
Just Who Does He Think He Is?... a personal look at researching a family tree and the some of the resources available.

Hedgerow Safaris

Get up close and personal with the small mammals that live in the hedgerows at Cream o' Galloway, our Hedgerow Safari events give children the chance to see native wildlife that is often difficult to spot. The night before the event we set little traps to safely catch mice and voles when they are at their most active. During the event we will head along the hedgerow to open up the traps and meet the wildlife visitors inside!

Hedgerow Safari will run at 10.30am on Thursday June 1st and on Thursdays in October: 12th, 19th and 26th.

Cost is £3.50 per child and booking is essential (adults go free). Book your tickets online for 10% discount on event cost.

Meet the Lambs

A spring time tradition at Cream o' Galloway and a favourite with visitors of all ages! Our lambs start arriving in March and during the event you get to meet them, find out more about how we farm and enjoy a wee cuddle!

This news piece by Border News to mark the start of Wild Spring, Dumfries & Galloway's wildlife festival, gives a lovely overview of this popular event.

This event is very popular with schools, nurseries and other organised groups.  If you would like information about visits in March 2017 please contact Wendy or Bev on 01557 815 222 or 814 040.

Visitors can 'Meet the lambs' as part of the Farm Tour during the Easter holidays. Booking is essential. Book online for 10% discount on events.

Please note, this event is not recommended for pregnant women due to the health risks.

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Pond Dipping

Discover the underwater wonderland in Cream o’ Galloway’s purpose built wildlife pond. Learn about the amazing lives of the creatures who lurk there and hunt for their cousins in the rocks and plants around the pond. Working in pairs or family groups you’ll swish your net in the pond and decant it into a tray. The Cream o’ Galloway wildlife experts will help you identify the creatures in your mini pond - common finds include water boatmen, water scorpions, pond skaters, dragonfly and damselfly larvae and pond snails, and if you’re lucky you might even catch a smooth newt or a frog in your net!

This event lasts for 45 minutes and is suitable for anyone aged 5 years or older.

Our next Pond dipping sessions will run at 11.30am on Thursday June 1st and on Thursdays in October: 12th, 19th and 26th.
The cost is £3.50 per child and booking is essential (adults go free). Book your tickets online for 10% discount on event cost.


Pre-schooler Events

Watch this space for details of our new look Toddler Time....

Keep an eye on our facebook page to see what we have planned!


Ready Steady Freeze!

Create your very own dream ice cream at this hands-on activity that runs during school holidays in June, July, August and October. Working in groups of two or three people you will create your very own ice cream from scratch, adding your own flavour combinations from a range of Cream o’ Galloway ingredients. While your mixture is freezing into luxurious ice cream you’ll head up to the Cream o’ Galloway factory to learn how we make luxury ice cream on a larger scale. You’ll then decant your very own ice cream into pots, eat and enjoy!

Ready Steady Freeze starts at 3.30pm and lasts around 1½ hours. It is suitable for anyone aged 5 or older and is a great activity for all age groups.

The cost is £17 for two people working together, £20 for three people.

Booking is strongly recommended.

Ready Steady Freeze is also available as a group visit / party activity for a minimum of £45. Please phone us to discuss availability. 01557 815222

When?  Wednesday and Thursday during school holidays in Whitsun, July, August and October holidays at 3.30pm.

Book online for 10% discount on event costs.

Sundaes on Sunday

A deliciously indulgent event that takes place every Sunday at 3pm. Choose two scoops of luxury ice cream, smother in sauce, decorate with real fresh cream and sprinkle with toffee chips or chocolate drops. Make your own or work in pairs and get two spoons to share your very own sundae creation!

Cost is £5 per sundae and booking is strongly recommended.

Book your entry and your events here. Save 10% on event costs by booking online before you visit.

Tractor Trek

The most exciting way to tour a farm is, of course, by tractor! Our specially built trailer makes touring Cream o' Galloway by tractor safe and comfortable whatever the weather, offering you a unique opportunity to see our animals enjoying the lush, organic pasture that they thrive on in the beautiful Galloway countryside.

Our Tractor Trek will take place on Gala Day 31st July, 2017, and is suitable for all ages. An additional charge applies.