Cow Contentment

Healthier, happier cows and calves are the goal of our radical new dairy system, alongside of course producing milk with which to make our ice cream and cheese. 

In traditional dairy farms calves are removed from their mothers within a few hours of their birth.  The stress this places on the cow is clear, and, from our trial run over the winter of 2012/2013, the difference in growth and health of the calves was absolutely astonishing. 

As an organic dairy farm for more than twenty years our cows have already benefitted from some of the highest welfare standards in the UK, but we knew we could be better.  As part of the preparation for this radical new approach to farming we built a brand new dairy, one specially designed to house calves with their mothers. 

Cows in general, but calves in particular, are very curious animals - anything new or different and they’re right in there to investigate. So we spent some time constructing various novelty attractions with some home-sourced and other more exotic components.  There’s space for the calves to gallop up and down corridors, they thoroughly enjoyed investigating big exercise balls; bits of plastic pipe on a rope proved to be a big hit but their favourite toy by far turned out to be a space hopper hung on a rope!

Of course, no matter how good a dairy shed is there’s no better place for dairy cows than the lush green Galloway fields, and as soon as the grass is growing our cows head out into the fields to graze to their hearts' content.