Now and again we like to tell you about a subject in a bit more detail, to talk about what's happening on the farm at a particular time or to discuss a topical issue.  Think of this blog as our thinking out loud / news / issues area of our website!  We don't post here often, but when we do we promise it will be interesting.

Posted: 14th Oct 2016

Autumn calving has started - our first 2 calves were born overnight.  There are another 58 due before Christmas.  We are especially excited because these calves will stay with their mothers and be suckled naturally.

For those of you with long memories, we first trialled this method of rearing calves exactly 4 years ago.  It was...

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Posted: 17th May 2016

David and I have just returned from a fascinating trip to Andalucía to learn from small scale cheese dairies there.  Our trip was organised by Andres Santos who we first met in November when he stayed with us during a learning journey to Scotland.  We couldn’t have had a better host and guide.

For us, Andres is a very special person. ...

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Posted: 31st Mar 2016

Making cheese is fascinating and complex.  Just when you think you are getting to grips with it another variable appears and changes your cheese.  One early piece of advice I got was that learning to make cheese would take at least 3 years.  Well here we are now 3 years in, and Sarah our cheesemaker is doing exceptionally well, but...

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Posted: 26th Feb 2016

In October I received an email from a Spanish man who wanted to come to the UK for a few weeks so that he could improve his English.  If we gave him board and lodgings (and talked to him now and again) he would help us as needed.  His email ended saying that he designed cheese dairies……  It took me all of 10 seconds to reply!!


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Posted: 16th Feb 2016

The antibiotic story is, like everything about livestock farming, pretty complicated. Animals get sick, sure even organic ones, but there is growing evidence that the modern-day, very high usage in farming is likely to be a contributing factor in the upsurge in cases of antibiotic resistance in people. Imagine a world where antibiotic treatments no longer...

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