About our Ethical Dairy Cheese


For nearly 100 years Rainton Farm was synonymous with quality Scottish farmhouse cheese. Indeed in the 1880s, before the days of quick and easy transportation, making cheese was the only way an isolated rural milk producer could survive, turning the milk into cheese and the whey into pigs.

The process of cheese making is an ancient craft that dates back thousands of years, combining art and science together to create delicious and long lasting produce. Milk is protein, fat, lactose and minerals, and the magical cheese making process beings when a starter bacterial culture is added to the milk.

The Finlay family have been farming at Rainton since the 1920s and we carried the cheese making tradition on until the 1970s when mass manufacture made the craft of farmhouse cheese making unpopular and unprofitable.

We reintroduced the art of cheese making back to Rainton in 2013 and it’s been a fascinating journey reviving these traditional processes in our modern factory setting. All our cheeses are hand-made using the raw, unpasteurised milk from our organic herd. We are delighted to have brought farmhouse cheese back to Rainton, and we hope you enjoy the rich, delicious cheese varieties that our beautifully creamy milk produces. Our herd also get to keep their calf with them for approx 5 months which is known as Calf at Foot dairying.

You can purchase our cheese on line for delivery direct to your home. Our cheese is available for sale at our own visitor centre and through the following businesses

Sunrise Wholefoods in Castle Douglas, DG7 1AE
Selkirk Arms in Kirkcudbright, DG6 4JG
Brambles in Kirkcudbright, DG6 4DN
Kilnford Farm Shop in Dumfries, DG2 8PT
The Masonic Arms in Gatehouse of Fleet, DG7 2HU
JD Owen Butchers in Newton Stewart
Loch Arthur at Beeswing near Dumfries
New England Caravan Park - Port Logan (Seasonal)
Sandyhills Bay Holiday Park
Locavore Community Interest Co. Glasgow
Galloway Smokehouse, Carsluith
Abbey Cottage, New Abbey
The Ship Inn, Gatehouse of Fleet
Goumet Cheese Company, Aberdeen
Inver Restaurant, Strathlachlan
New Galloway Community Store
Earths Crust Bakery, Castle Douglas
Green City Wholefoods
Crafty Distillery, Newton Stewart
Feed Kitchen, Edinburgh
Portpatrick Post Office
Galloway Hampers
Whitmuir Organics
Kirkcowan Post Office
IJ Mellis, Edinburgh
Damn Fine Deli, Thornhill

If we have missed you of this list please email